Lace 911 LACE FOAM


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Lace 911 LACE FOAM
Lace 911 LACE FOAM
Lace 911 LACE FOAM


So you wanna know what’s the HYPE about this LACE FOAM? 

What does it do ? 

It has a few uses BUT it’s perfect for molding your hair line ESPECIALLY LACE, and it makes it manageable to switch parts without that HUMP look. 

Some foams will leave the hair GREASY, A FILM , WHITE RESIDUE and or worst COMPLETELY change the texture of the hair . 

Dont waste your money trying other foam products save yourself the embarrassment of hiding your hair CHOSE LACE 911

8.4oz of THE FREAKING BEST FOAM EVER ! 😍 ( 0% alcohol , non flaking & NON STICKING ) Leave in foam to sculpt & mold hairlines for LACE (also great on ALL TYPES OF HAIR ) 

* this product works best on LACE using PREFERRABLY THE LACE 911 WRAP but you can also use the PRONEC strip to secure the HAIRLINE and placing customer under HOODED DRYER ❤️ 

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