Lace Frontal


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Lace Frontal
Lace Frontal

 13x4 ear to ear , PREPLUCKED HAIRLINES for easier installation

Sheer lace HAIR piece that fits over your HAIRLINE to mimic a natural hairline .

Frontals can last with minimum shedding for 2-3 wears.

Frontals come true to length HOWEVER they all shed *the hairline is to mimic REAL hair . In all actuality it’s small strands of hair HAND TIED knotted on thin lace fabric WHICH HAS TO BE CAREFULLY MAINTENED to ensure FULLNESS and it’s best LOOK .

✨ LACE 101 TIP✨

Keep hairline neat & secure using any LACE 911 he

sleep-ware and free from any dirt and debri for A LONG LASTING HAIRLINE .

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